Cordelia Chase (misschase) wrote in fragmentsmemory,
Cordelia Chase

Who: Cordelia & Wesley
Where: Hyperion; Wesley's Office
When: Night, right after the Sunnydale Invasion
Status: Incomplete

Cordelia watched (with a slightly glaring eye) Faith scamper, almost giddily toward the kitchen with Gunn, the geek, and her much more muscular ex-boyfriend, Xander. Buffy and Angel had been at it for a while already. She hoped they were doing the dramatic, angsty talking thing and obviously not the other thing. And then Willow, her friend, and Giles ran off to do the magick thing. After she had finished off Lorne's drink, she stood in the empty, save for a few critters running around, lobby, feeling at a loss.

It was strange to have old and some horribly familiar faces on her turf. The strangest being Faith, who she thought was supposed to be in jail learning how to not murder people, but whatever. She heaved a sigh, knowing that there was probably some case they should be working on. Buffy had said something about her little sister being missing, but it seemed like she and Angel were working out all the details. And really, from her short description of the guy who took her, it sounded like Wolfram and Hart had done it. And more specifically, Lindsey McDonald.

What a surprise. She suddenly realized that she hadn't seen or heard from Wesley since the Sunnydale invasion. She couldn't blame him; they were pretty horrible to him when he had been Faith's watcher. And Buffy and Giles totally never respected him, which was really rude. She scoffed to herself and shook her head, spinning on her heel in the direction of Wesley's office.

She heard the laughter from the kitchen and knocked lightly on his door, "Hey, Wes?" she said, opening it before receiving an answer on the other end, "It's just me," she said, trying to put him at ease that she didn't bring any of the newcomers with her. "How do you like that? Total invasion," she shook her head.
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