Spike (got_the_spark) wrote in fragmentsmemory,

Not gonna let you walk away..

Who: Spike and Lindsey
Where: Streets of LA
When: Night
Status: Incomplete

Bloody ridiculous! The Slayer and her lot went off to Los Angeles to save the little bit, course they didn’t tell Spike. No, he had to hear through the grapevine; he found out from a few of his demon connections when he couldn’t get a hold of Buffy or any of her little gang. Of course Spike wasn’t going to just let that go over well, he was going to give the Slayer a thing or two about that. He was bloody helping her after all, fighting the good fight or whatever you wanted to call it after getting that sodding chip in his head.

Spike walked the dark streets of Los Angeles, he wasn’t exactly sure where to find her, besides Angel’s place (which he didn’t want to go to). No, he’d first try to find her on the streets, fighting vampires before he would ring Angel’s door bell.

After a few nights of doing this, he was having no luck. Sure, thought he had a few leads here and there, but no Buffy ever. Spike leaned up against a brick wall and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. He slide one out and placed it between his lips, lighting it soon after.
Tags: lindsey, spike
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