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Time Travel Sucks.

Who: Anyone and Everyone at Wolfram and Hart
When: Morning
Where: Wolfram & Hart
What: Connors Introduction.

Connor was flying though the air.And not by plane. Instead though the force of a man in a rather nice business's suit which rammed him into the steel doors of a closed elevator...which he dented.He glanced over at his father. Angel was saying something about getting out of here. He shook his head as he threw a punch at...what was his name? Hamilton? It connected with his face and did nothing. It was like hitting a wall. He groaned as another one of Hamilton's punches connected with his tummy.

He was flying again but this time something happened. The world turned white. It was like the sun was burning into the young teen's brain.


His back slammed onto the Wolfram and Harts reception desk. He groaned as he tumbled to the ground. That had hurt...alot. He gazed up at the person behind the desk. That wasn't Harmony. Not by a long shot.
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