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Who: Angel, Buffy, Faith, Gunn, Xander
When: Morning
Where: The Hyperion's Lobby
What: Planning a 'visit' to Wolfram and Hart

That morning, Angel hadn't even bothered to start up the coffee pot; he'd gone straight to the pig blood. Usually he shyed away from drinking the stuff in front of others, even his closest friends. But not today. He didn't really care who saw him; they all knew he was a vampire, and vampires drank blood. Of course, most vampires wouldn't be caught dead drinking the cold sludge he was limited to. Heating it up was always an option, but what was the point? It wouldn't come any closer to what he really wanted to be drinking.

What he wanted was lying upstairs, in his bed, sleeping peacefully.

Which was exactly why he had forced himself to come downstairs, long before anyone else was even up, keeping himself busy by glowering down at some Wolfram and Hart floor plans, in between sips of his "breakfast". Although he had mentioned taking Buffy to Caritas, they couldn't afford the time if Dawn really was in danger. And being that her likely captor was Wolfram and Hart, Angel was sure that she was.

Even if they had vampire alarms, getting in probably wasn't going to be that difficult. The things didn't exactly run on batteries, but were actually the work of a single shaman. Anyone with half a semester of Witchcraft 101 could probably whip up a decent counter charm. Once they were in, the big problem was going to be finding Dawn. It wasn't like they could just sweep the place floor by floor, anyway. But they certainly could have a nice little chat with the last person that had been seen with Dawn.

Angel was just in the perfect mood to go and have an appointment with Lindsey, too.

Ohh, this was gonna be kinda fun.
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