Lilah Morgan (lawyerfor_satan) wrote in fragmentsmemory,
Lilah Morgan

Geting the kids together

Who: Lilah,Lindsey,Dawn,and Connor
When: Mid Morning
Where: Wolfram & Hart
What: Having Dawn meet Connor
Status: Incomplete

Lilah wasn't sure if the Partners plan to have Dawn and Connor meet,but she wasn't about to question them too much. She grabbed Lindsey on her way out of her office. "We need to go see Dawn and bring the boy with us." she said as she headed for the elevator. She had instructions to get the two kids in a room and for the moment just see what happened.

Lilah didn't think it was really the best idea to put the son of a souled vampire,and a slayer's kid sister together, but maybe it would at least be interesting.

It wasn't long before she and Lindsey were in front of Connor's cell. Lilah instructed the guards to open it,the guards grabbed him and carried him behind Lilah and Lindsey as they walked down the hall to Dawn's cell.
Tags: connor, dawn, lilah, lindsey
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