Andrew Wells (camerageek_boy) wrote in fragmentsmemory,
Andrew Wells

Magic People Unite!

Who:  Andrew, Willow, Tara, Wesley, and Cordelia
Where:  The Hyperion
When:  Right before Angel and the others go off
What:  Magical protection spells
Status:  Incomplete

Andrew wasn't nearly as magically inclined as these people. Well, some of them, anyway. While he was fairly certain that Cordelia Chase might be as able to do magic as a Chihuahua, the rest of them felt to be quite powerful. Both Tara and Willow were practically bubbling over with magic, and he could tell that the man called Wesley had lots of untapped potential as well.

People with magical ability could sense it in others, and, with the exception of the former queen of his old high school, he could sense it in all of them. The ability in all of them, especially Willow, made him alternately in awe or jealous. He had to try twice as hard to have half the power these people held within them. So yeah, a little jealousy.

Right now he was trying to clear his mind of that as he gathered the supplies that everyone had asked him to get. He just wanted to be of help so that Buffy or Faith wouldn't attack him for something or another. He also felt bad that Dawn got kidnapped right in front of his face and he had apparently not been able to do anything about it.

"So...uh...this is all the stuff that you guys wanted," he said as he started to do the set up. He was trying to come into the magic stuff with a clear mind, because he DID know that bad thoughts can affect how magic worked. He had a lot of knowledge with only mid-level talent at the moment. He was willing to work on it, though.
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