Buffy Summers (theslayer_buffy) wrote in fragmentsmemory,
Buffy Summers

Wolfram and Hart Infiltration!

Who: Buffy, Angel, Faith, Gunn
Where: Sewers below Wolfram & Hart, then inside
What: Infiltrating Wolfram & Hart to find Dawn
When: Evening
Status: Incomplete

Buffy, Angel, Faith, and Gunn made their way through the rat-infested and potent sewers of Los Angeles. She had patrolled sewers many a time, but Los Angeles' sewers were way grosser than Sunnydale's. She couldn't help wrinkling her nose and side-stepping the rats.

Her stomach was already tied in knots of anticipation. She didn't know what they were about to walk into or if her sister was even---nope, she couldn't think it, even though her mind kept coming back to the same thought. She just needed to get in there, find her sister alive and well, and leave happily ever after. And hopefully break the jaw or other important body parts of the lawyer who took her sister.

When they came to the designated location under the Wolfram and Hart building, she turned to the others, "Okay, I guess we wait until the spell on Angel kicks in and then we'll head inside," she told them, "If we're lucky, they won't notice us on their security cameras for a while. But I guess, if we're really lucky, they will and we can take out some evil lawyers on our way up. Not kill, but maybe, you know, maim a little."

She was usually not one for encouraging harm to humans, but she wasn't sure these people could be categorized as humans. Not that she would kill any of them, unless there was a vampire or demon around, but they deserved an ass kicking at the very least.
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