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Buffy Summers


1). Probably every community's most important rule, do not let IC and OOC bleed into either other. This is a game and meant for everyone to enjoy! OOC stuff should not affect the plots or character interactions.

2). This has the potential to be an adult game. If so, all posts must be expressly labeled and underneath a cut. As a result, we ask that all players be over 17 and honest about their age.

3). We do allow play over messengers. It needs to be posted in the community in the same format we play in here, third person, past tense, with all the time stamps and IM names edited out. If you have to change it a little to make continuity better in the community format, that's a-okay!

4). Please try and communicate with your fellow players. If something upsets you, let them know, or at the very least a mod, know. We're here to be a community of friends as well as writers so working out conflicts is essential. We also don't want anyone feeling badly or bullied.

5). Clear major plot points with the mods. If Angel is to lose his soul temporarily or Buffy dies and is resurrected, we need to discuss it and make sure it will work within all the plot lines!

6). For all else, use common sense. This list may be updated but we're pretty sure everyone knows what to do and not do in a community with others! Have fun and be considerate and you're set!

Any questions?
Contact the mod at chiigusa@gmail.com
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