Who: Faith, Andrew, Xander, Gunn
Where: L.A.; The Hyperion
When: Night, right after this thread
Status: Open

Faith hopped onto one of the counters of the kitchen,  watching Andrew try what seemed to be his first sip of beer. All this time the guy has been around and he's never had a damn sip of something harder than a diet Coke? Faith nearly spit out her own swig of beer she had in her mouth seeing the expression on his face. "Thatta boy!" she cheered as she lifted up her bottle of beer. "Just let it go down - yeah, it's rough at first, but then after a few more, it gets smoother." Kind of... actually, it's just a matter of the alcohol numbing your throat.

After a few shots of Patron, it's amazing what kind of things you'd be willing to drink.

She looked up when Xander came in, getting a bottle water for himself and worried about getting drunk. "Don't fret it, stud," she told him with a shrug. "It's always just assumed ya' gotta be on your feet when B takes over, right?" She took another gulp of her beer. "'Sides, it's nice to loosen up before it gets really intense. No over doin' it, though, get me, 'Drew?" she told the least experienced.

At the moment, Faith acted like she had always been part of this group when out of everyone, even Andrew. But she knew the reality - if anything bad happened while she was around, she would be the first to get blamed. She knew the risks about coming along, and she would take her hits if she thought it wasn't worth pushing back. She had no right to be here and yet, here she was.

"So, nothin' much else you can tell us about what happened with B's little sister at the store?" Faith asked, casually.

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Who: Buffy, Angel
Where: L.A., the Hyperion, Room 312
When: A little after the initial meet and greet
What: Buffy and Angel, alone in a room together. But just to talk about...stuff. Business stuff. Leader stuff. Getting Dawn back kinda stuff. None of that awkward super dramatic angsty star crossed stuff.
Status: Incomplete
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Who: Scoobies & Angel Investigations
Where: L.A.; The Hyperion
When: Night (day after Dru thread, same day as Magic Box thread)
Status: Closed

After driving for what seemed like an eternity jammed in a car with her friends, ignoring the attempted road trip games and trying to focus on the top 40 pop songs on the radio, the Scoobies finally arrived in Los Angeles, parked in front of the Hyperion Hotel.

Buffy felt a little guilty for not giving Angel and everyone a heads up about the Sunnydale caravan just showing up on their doorstep. But, desperate times called for....lack of politeness, apparently. Oh well, it would be potentially a welcome surprise. And hey, she hadn't seen everyone in a long time. So, it would be a nice reunion and maybe they could all work together harmoniously and forget all their differences and past drama. And then pigs will fly, of course.

She sucked in a breath as she got out of the car, heading through the front gate and into the courtyard, making her way to the front door. Seeing Angel was always difficult, no matter what the impending doom. And she could already 'feel' him nearby. Such a freaky thing they shared. And still he sometimes snuck up on her with his creepy vampire stealthiness.

She had to remind herself all the way there and now that this wasn't about Angel. This was about Dawn. Her sister was in danger and they were here to find her, save her, and kill whatever took her. Sounded like a solid plan.

She opened the door of the Hyperion and stepped inside almost tentatively, spotting the empty lobby. She had never seen Angel's 'headquarters', so she took a moment to take in the overwhelmingly large room before saying, "Anybody home?" She was slightly surprised when her voice echoed.

The Beautiful and Dirty Rich

Who: Glory, Lilah,and Lindsey
When: Early Afternoon
Where: Wolfram & Hart
What: Lilah and Lindsey meet face to face with Glory in efforts to win her over.
Status: Incomplete

A business call!? This was not quite what The Abomination had had in mind when she set foot in L.A. She had expected to just walk into town, grab some Jimmy Choos and grab her key back from the damned Monk she had accosted a few weeks ago. But no. It was never that easy. The weak minded human had had a bad placed case of heart failure when she was in the middle of interrogating him. How very awesome for him. It seemed that everyone was getting the easy route but her!

Right when Glory had come close to tearing apart two more of her servants, she had received a rather official message from some group called Wolfremm and Heart... or something... They had, apparently, come looking for her while she whispered sweet nothings into Monk-y's, now torn-off, ears. Glork, one of the shorter of her demons, had recieved the message and passed it on just before Glory had torn Phlegm's toes off.

Mistress! Mistress! I implore you, your graciousness! A tall woman, that looked rather hagish next to your portrait, visited whilst you were away!

And what the hell did she want!? My head... is killing me! I NEED GOOD NEWS OR A BRAIN!!!! YOUR CHOICE!!!!!!

Sh-she said th-that--

T-t-t-t-t-t-to-DAY junior!?

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Danger and Diamonds

Quality bonding time with Dawnie...

Who: Lilah,Dawn,and Lindsey
When: Mid Morning
Where: Wolfram & Hart
What: Checking up on Dawn
Status: Incomplete

It'd been yet another boring morning staff meeting, after which Lilah had decided to go see how their little house guest was doing. She took the elevator down to the sublevel basement area. She walked down the hall with a stack of glossy fashion magazines and a few cds that she had on good authority were the newest thing. Holland had made it clear that while Lindsey seemed to be slowly gaining Dawn's trust he wanted this particular project to have a bit more of a woman's touch. Really it was his way of saying he wanted Lilah to spend some quality bonding time with the teenager.

Lilah wasn't sure how well this new plan would work, but she was willing to at least give it a shot. She finally arrived at the room she wanted and after shifting some things around Lilah managed to open the door. She set the things she'd brought with her down and shut the door behind herself. She looked over at Dawn and smiled, then looked around the fairly bare room. "Thought you could use some company and some girl stuff...” She put the stack of cds, fashion magazines and a few posters on the bed. Lilah sighed looking around again. "You were right before this place is far too depressing what do you say we fix that?" On the way down here it had occurred to Lilah that this was probably the first time since college that she’d ever really bothered to try and befriend another woman, that alone was going to make this interesting.
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I graduated college today! :D I now have a Bachelor's in Journalism & Mass Communication and a Minor in Japanese! Wooo!

And now, here's the thread that need updating~

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Thread Ideas:
-Scoobies Going to LA (Coming Soon!)
-Lilah & Lindsey Being evil? As per usual, haha.

That's all! As always, ideas for plots, questions, or comments, let me know.

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Who: Buffy, Faith, Giles, Xander, Willow, Tara, Andrew
Where: Magic Box
When: Continued from here.
Status: Complete

As Andrew seemed to shrink more and more under their ever-watchful eyes, she sighed. He was obviously eager to get away from them and knew nothing more than what he said. But, at least he admitted that no women had been present at the scene of the crime. So, that gave Buffy a slight relief, even if the men that kidnapped her sister had been the woman's minions.

She nodded to Faith's words, "Definitely. That's why I'm a little more than my usual suspicious of everything going on right now." When Xander returned to the room full of various blades and blunt objects, realizing most of their storage here was for training. She kept the best stuff at her house, as did Giles. "Whatever works. I'd prefer we didn't shoot people since guns tend to just bring more badness, but we'll take what we can get right now."

A little disappointed that blowing off her wounds had only sent Giles spiraling down the panic road, she had to give in to his endless questions. She was really hoping to focus on the crazy blonde lady much later, but her wounds were probably a little too noticeable to ignore from her Watcher's perspective.

She shook her head, "Not really planned, I was walking down the street and I heard some glass crashing and went to see what it was. I saw this chick stealing a dress and since it was nighttime, I just assumed she was a vampire. But, she picked me up and threw me a few buildings like I was just some rag doll," she winced slightly at the memory of crashing hard against wood and brick. There were more bruises on her back and side that still hadn't faded since the impact.

"She didn't say a name, but she kept saying something about a Key. She was looking for a Key. I pretended I knew where it was, which kept her from killing me and eventually, I escaped," she said, letting out a long breath. She hadn't really discussed the event with anyone yet and remembering it brought back the exhaustion, "I forgot to tell you with all the stuff about Dawn going on....Speaking of," she glanced towards the witches, "I hope they find something soon." She bounced on her heels eagerly, chewing on her bottom lip nervously.

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Who: Cordelia, Wesley
When: Night & After Harm & Gunn went off to wash the dogs
Where: Hyperion Hotel
Status: Incomplete

After finishing the drink Lorne had made for her and noticing that a certain grumpy vampire still had not made an appearance, she let out a very long sigh. She was so close to giving up on him altogether. If he didn't want any help, then she might as well stop trying. What else could she do?

As she sat at her desk for a while staring at a few case files, Cordelia felt her eyes glaze over. She stood and moved to see if Wesley was at his desk, but he was nowhere to be seen. She remembered he had run off before when they were all talking in the lobby. She didn't get why he would be so ashamed of being all muddy in front of them when Gunn and all the dogs were. They were a family, after all. Mud was a non-issue.

So, she thought she'd go see what he was up to. Maybe he was being lazy and passed out in his room, leaving her to do all this boring work alone! That was so not gonna fly with her. Why was everyone spending all their time sleeping lately? And why were they leaving her alone so often? Did they forget she was still vision girl? What if she got a vision about the end of the world and everyone was too busy sleeping to do anything about it? Of course, most of this irrational thinking was pinned towards Angel and not Wesley, but either way, she was going to find him.

She marched up the stairs to the room she knew Wesley occasionally inhabited in case of late night research 'parties'. She knocked on the door and called out, "Wesley, are you alive in there?"

Working Like a Dog

Who: Harmony and Gunn
When: A Little Later
Where: Hyperion Hotel: in a room with a working bathtub
What: Dog washing and conversation
Status: Incomplete
Usually it helps to have actually washed a dog before becoming a professional dog washer so Harmony was a little worried because she had never in her entire life washed a dog. Come to think of it, in the year or so since her entire life ended, she hadn't washed any dogs either. Oh, well. She scooped up a big handful of dog shampoo and stared at the little furball in the tub. It wagged it's whole back end and looked up at her expectantly. 

Harmony turned to Gunn. "So, do I just, like, start with the head?" She knew she wasn't, like, the smartest former person ever, but she hoped that Gunn wouldn't think she was a total doofus. Especially since he was really nice and really cute. She bit her lower lip, looking him over. Of course, he was totally snackable, but Harmony already liked him too much to even think about biting him. She wanted him to like her, and so than meant biting was a definite no.


Dropping In

Who: Harmony, Cordy, Anyone in the Hyperion Lobby
When: After Dark
Where: Hyperion Lobby
What: Desperately seeking Cordy
Status: Incomplete

It was really over with her and Spike and, this time, Harmony meant it. She was moving on and moving up in the world. If there was one good thing he had done for her, besides show her that thing that made her nose tickle, it was to bring her to Los Angeles. Harmony was starting to realize that deep in her heart she was a big city girl. Like, a girl who liked the big city, not a big girl who liked the city. She was careful about that kind of thing. Being undead was no excuse to binge on blood and let yourself go.

So, if she was going to build a successful unlife in L.A., she needed friends and a really great job. Good thing she was practically best friends with one Cordelia Chase, who probably knew everyone in show business already. It was going to be so great to see Cordy! Hopefully she wouldn't notice that one, little, tiny thing that was missing from Harmony since last time they saw each other. It was just a soul, right? Not like she had cut off her hair!

Harmony looked again at the page she had torn out of the phone book. 1481 Hyperion Avenue. She looked at the number above the weird, glass and wood doors. Yep, that was the place. The heavy handle clicked as she unlatched it and swung the door open.

"Whoa," she said to herself as she walked into the lobby. Her eyes drifted from one huge chunk of marble to the next. Cordy worked here? It was like a palace, Harmony thought.

"Hello? Anybody home?"