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Violence Doesn't Have a Home ;; A Buffy & Angel RPG

Fragments of Memories;; A Buffy & Angel RPG
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Fragments of Memories
Violence Doesn't Have a Home
A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 5 & Angel Season 2 Role Playing Game;;

"You think you know, what you are, what's to come, you haven't even begun."

Their first year of college may be over over and the Initiative may be defeated, but the battle is only beginning. Buffy must face her greatest challenge of all: an unstoppable Hell-god determined to find the key in order to get back to her home dimension to resume control.

What Buffy doesn't know is that the Key was sent to her only months before in the form of her sister, Dawn.

"There's gonna be trouble. And I say bring it on."

In Los Angeles, Wolfram and Hart have raised Darla from the dead and are using her to get to their greatest enemy: Angel. The Angel Investigations team, which now includes Charles Gunn, have moved into the Hyperion Hotel, where they continue to help the helpless with the help of Cordelia's visions.

Join the Scooby Gang and the Angel Investigation team as they try to stop the impending apocolypse again and again.

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